COOPERATION | The Key to Redeeming Humanity - Mariam Ladi Yunusa Foundation
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COOPERATION | The Key to Redeeming Humanity

mariam ladi yunusa foundation, mlyf

COOPERATION | The Key to Redeeming Humanity

Mariam Ladi Yunusa Foundation partnered with Floreat; an international organisation with a branch in Nigeria to spread the tentacles of purposefully redeeming the girls in the North East. Both Mariam Ladi Yunusa Foundation and Floreat believe that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Therefore, scholarships were awarded to selected orphan girls in some schools in Michika local government area of Adamawa state. The scholarship awards span through girls in the senior secondary category (SS 1, SS 2 and SS 3) for a period of 3 years, 2 years and 1 year respectively.

As formal education is one of the tools of rehabilitation, MLY-F is key to making it accessible to orphan and underprivileged girls in the North East with the help and cooperation of other like-minded organisations like Floreat. The words of Helen Keller are true that “Alone we can do little; together we can do so much.”

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