About Us - Mariam Ladi Yunusa Foundation
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About Us

Just as late Mariam Ladi Yunusa’s heart yearned, our primary goal is to secure the education of the girl child. We do this primarily by offering support to orphaned females of high school age to complete their education.

The Mariam Ladi Yunusa (MLY) Foundation work with a niche number of beneficiaries from the north east of Nigeria, where we ensure the education of girls who have lost their parents and guardians to insurgencies which have ravaged this part of the country.

Gender inequality still poses a great threat to development, as such girls are at a greater disadvantage of getting educated and building better lives for themselves.

Our goal is to enable stable and productive females, as such our beneficiaries based on their choice are mentored into either further education or trade supported by our sister organization “the Polished Arrows Development Initiative“.

It is our hope to bridge the gap of gender inequality in areas which have re-settled from insurgence and help develop young women that are wholesome, educated and impact driven.

How We Work

We work by sponsoring scholarships for a selected group of beneficiaries across various secondary schools in areas which have re-settled from insurgencies. Beneficiaries are awarded scholarships to support the completion of high school education at their various schools.

Upon graduation, beneficiaries are assessed for eligibility of continued support to either further their education or be established into trade- via the Polished Arrows Development initiative’s SME internship and business establishment Programme.

It is our goal to restore victims of insurgencies back to normalcy, rescue them from trauma and support the creation of sustainable livelihoods. This in turn creates hope for a bright future and the restoration of healthy individuals, who can uphold a sense of civic duty as exemplary leaders in their various communities.

What Our Beneficiaries Are Saying